Monday, February 14, 2022

Flowers in the graveyard: Health Policy Valentines 2022

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U.S. healthcare policy is no rose garden, but this year's HealthPolicyValentines salute a few sweet blossoms. That's notwithstanding the staggering failures of policy -- in many cases malevolent and corrupt -- that have swelled the pandemic death toll to an unfathomable 900,000.

         *     *     *

I'm in love with a cold hard fact:
We've enacted the No Surprises Act.

         *     *     *

Affordable Care?
Yes, we can!
Thanks to the American
Rescue Plan.

A massive boost to subsidies meant
enrollment up twenty-one percent.

Build Back Better
appears to have ended.
But ARPA subsidies
had best be extended

and not just through
With a GOP Congress
they'll never survive.

         *     *     *

On bewellnm, and my head is exploding:
Free gold, thanks to extreme silver loading.

         *     *     *

The disenrollment moratorium
Could end as a tragic story, um,
'less health departments find grit and vision
to help redeterminees transition.

         *     *     *

Roses in winter
are pleasant surprises.
Medicare should negotiate
prescription drug prices.

         *     *     *

"Direct contracting will add value, save money!"
"I've got a bridge to sell you, honey."

Personal health policy...

My dear little hen,
your dearest rooster
is crowing because you got
your booster

         *     *     *

Speed-dating is fun
but at my request
please precede this date
with a rapid test.

Salut, healthcare heroes...

While mainstream vax production
remains tightly furled,
Prof Peter Hotez
will vaccinate the world.

         *     *     *

While a trickle of vax donations
the national conscience salves
we get the unpleasant truth
from AIDS warrior Gregg Gonsalvez.

         *     *     *

Our pandemic response,
all too train-wrecky,
would've been worse without
Zeynep Tufekci.

         *     *     *

The Ten Year War
in all its convolutions:
Cohn's battle-weary tribute
to "fourth-best solutions."

         *     *     *

From your local safety net hospital (reprise from 2021)

Our ventilators
are vintage '80s.
is a step from Hades.
Our front-line staff
daily faces death
working round the clock
to preserve life's breath.
We're the distillation
of ills systemic.
We're your front line
in this pandemic.

         *     *     *

Hey, this one's for real!

Want to be happy all your life?
Marry a certified nurse-midwife.

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