Saturday, June 08, 2019

Silver loading and 2019 enrollment: A compendium

Well, we've had a few months to digest how open enrollment for 2019 went down in the ACA marketplace. Recently, it's been borne in on me that silver loading effects intensified in 2019; that they should intensify further; that this process should continue to improve marketplace offerings, all other conditions remaining stable (quite an if...)'; and that regulators can help this process along.

Chewing over the data has sent me back to my own posts about 2019 enrollment; as usual, I'd forgotten much of what I'd written. For my own sake if no one else's, here's an index of posts about 2019 enrollment data and/or silver loading worth returning to, for me at least. I'll update as more are added.

A couple of takeaways (or spoilers): 1) nonexpansion states on had smaller enrollment losses than expansion states on the platform -- almost certainly a silver loading effect; 2) silver loading intensified in 2019; 3) silver loading has quite a ways to go. especially in New Jersey.

Note to self: there are posts about 2019 enrollment that are not included here, because they don't address silver loading.

The posts:
How would a 20% drop in base ACA marketplace premiums affect enrollment?   11/1/19

Silver loading 2020 update: The sky isn't falling 10/27/19

Silver loading goes into reverse in 2020 10/24/19

When silver loading discounts trump strong CSR, 9/10/19

Why ACA enrollment losses in 2019 were concentrated in expansion states on, Take 4

Is subsidized enrollment in the ACA marketplace really up since 2016? 8/15/19

Gold plans are pretty cheap in Florida. They should be way cheaper. 7/16/19

Mining the silver lode (or not): A tale of two blue states (July 5)

Turning Washington's public option to gold 7/1/19

Just how much does Medicaid expansion lighten the silver load? 6/11/19

The problem with silver loading in New Jersey 6/9/19

Silver is platinum. Insurers should treat it as such. Regulators should make them. 6/7/19

Silver loading is just getting started 6/5/19

Latinx enrollment continues to rise in states 4/12/19

CSR takeup bends slightly under silver load at incomes up to 200% FPL 4/8/19

2019 ACA enrollment: More silver effects, CSR enrollment down in SBEs  3/25/19

What if the Obama administration had ended direct CSR reimbursement in 2016? 2/15/19

Why ACA marketplace losses were concentrated in expansion states on, Take 3

Blue Waivers! Synthetic silver loading, anyone? 12/14/19

Silver loading 2019: What's on offer in the nation's highest-enrollment counties 10/30/18

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