Monday, November 28, 2022

At Don't play ACA tennis on an unmarked court

I have a post up at that's a focused subset of my strategic guide to applying for coverage in the ACA marketplace. It's focused on the importance of knowing key "break points" in the income scale that determines ACA benefits:

Robert Frost said that writing poetry without rhyming was like playing tennis without a net. Applying for ACA coverage without knowing the income levels at which benefits change is like playing tennis without any lines. And when you don’t see the lines, it’s easy to hit the ball out.

This piece is largely though not exclusively concerned with the plight of working people in nonexpansion states at risk of being denied subsidized coverage because they forecast a next-year income below the Federal Poverty Level.  The logical and moral travesty of denying people affordable coverage because they earn too little is exacerbated by the fact that many in this situation could avoid being stiffed if they knew the income threshold they must reach. 

Of all the ACA's various gaps and friction points, none burn me as much as the coverage gap -- and the fact that many fall into through sheer ignorance of its existence. I have a more detailed guide to avoiding it here.

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