Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Coming soon... some housekeeping notes

Dear xpostfactoid subscribers: as I haven't posted here in a couple of weeks, a brief update:

1. I've started posting on Substack and have ported the subscriber list to that site. I don't want to burden people with two emails per post, but I'm not quite ready to cut bait here at xpostfactoid's home of 13 (!) years.  I have no intention of charging at Substack-- I'm just hoping that its social media features may bring in some fresh traffic. If you find two emails per post annoying, perhaps unsubscribe here.  This site may remain a bit more of a scratch pad, as in this post. I put my last post, a strategic guide to shopping in the ACA marketplace, up at Substack but not here. That was an experiment, to see whether putting first publication up there affected traffic. 

2. I'm working on a couple of reported pieces:

  • A look at the consumer impact of the No Surprises Act, which should have (and hopefully has) removed perhaps the most egregious travesty in U.S. healthcare - -the surprise bill for emergency care, or for scheduled care at an in-network hospital with an in-network provider assisted by out-of-network providers. National data isn't in yet, but the effect was presumably immediate -- though also probably invisible to the millions who didn't get balance-billed. 

  • A look at an expansion of affordable, low-OOP coverage that's likely in the offing in Massachusetts, home to the country's lowest uninsured rate.
Please stay tuned!

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