Thursday, October 01, 2020

Trump's healthcare plan, revealed

Let it not be said that Trump doesn't have a healthcare plan. It's this:

  • Defund the ACA marketplace and Medicaid expansion
  • Strangle Medicaid long-term via block grants or per capita caps
  • Privatize Medicare
Oh right, that's the healthcare plan of the entire Republican Party.  

I have a post up on the BlueWaveNJ that lays this program out:

As in 2018, Republicans solemnly swear that they'll preserve "protections for people with pre-existing conditions." They won't (their failed 2017 ACA repeal bills didn't), but this fight is not primarily about the regulation of health insurance. It's about money. In 2019, the ACA generated $66 billion in federal funding of the Medicaid expansion, and another $62 billion in ACA marketplace subsidies and other support. Most of the people who receive benefit from either program -- Medicaid expansion or the subsidized ACA marketplace --  would become uninsured if they lost that support.

The pre-existing condition that matters most is low income, coupled with the uniquely high cost of U.S. healthcare. Republicans strive relentlessly to defund programs that insure Americans who lack access to employer-sponsored insurance.
Hope you'll give it a read.

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  1. Covered over with a direct primary care fig leaf, an old Tom Price favorite. See White House fact sheet entitled "President Donald J. Trump Is Implementing His America First Healthcare Agenda" of 9/24/2020, second bullet point:

    "President Trump will improve access to direct primary care arrangements that cut out the middleman and cut red tape to enable patients to spend more time with their doctors."


  2. Thanks for another fine article.

    If the ACA is repealed, would subsidies stop the next day? Republican zealots never think about details like this. Hospitals and doctors might lead the protests as they lose insured patients.

    One small error in your piece..... the most recent scuttling of surprise billing legislation was caused by Rep. Richard Neal, a Democrat who was bribed by private equity firms.