Thursday, October 22, 2020

September update: ACA Medicaid expansion enrollment up 19% since February in 16-state sample

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Time for an update on "expansion" Medicaid enrollment in the pandemic months -- new enrollees since February rendered eligible by ACA expansion criteria. That is, adults with household income below 138% of the Federal Poverty Level who are not blind or disabled or eligible according to other pre-ACA criteria.

In 16 states that have reported expansion-category enrollees through September, enrollment in this category is up 19.2% since February, and 1.9% since August. That points toward perhaps 2.9 million new enrollees in this category -- minus perhaps 400,000 in California, which has had mysteriously weak Medicaid enrollment growth in the pandemic. A bit more than 2 million have likely been rendered "newly eligible" by the ACA.  See the previous post on pandemic expansion enrollment for details.

Pandemic Medicaid "expansion" enrollment in 16 states
February through September 2020

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