Saturday, May 09, 2015

Any low income readers from PA out there?

A brief update on this post: I have learned that CMS prepared for Pennsylvania health officials a list of 141,000 households containing QHP enrollees who are now eligible for Medicaid. That means that close to half -- or half, depending on attrition -- of PA's 2014 QHP enrollees had incomes under 138% FPL. Wow. Meanwhile, according to HHS stats published in March, fewer than 40,000 of the state's 2014 QHP enrollees had disenrolled by that point. So let's just say for the present that the state's Medicaid expansion, snarled in part by the "private option" complication now being unsnarled, has a ways to go.

Meanwhile, I am desperately seeking a 2014 QHP enrollee from Pennsylvania who is now eligible for Medicaid who either remains enrolled in a QHP or took a good long while to transition to Medicaid. Anyone? 

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