Thursday, August 18, 2022

Loony interlude


I wish the photo were better...

No healthcare this week, as we are in the Adirondacks, at a collection of Finnish (?!) huts on a small crystalline lake, with no motorboats allowed. On sunny Tuesday morning, in kayaks, we watched a family of loons (father, mother, adolescent) pursue and eat their breakfast. They sail along intermittently in tandem, with adults constantly diving for a minute or so at a time and coming up a few hundred feet away. After some time the female came up with a small silver fish, which she worked around in her beak for a long time, both as she swam back to the other two and as they circled together. At one point the male appeared to make a grab at it. Eventually she put it down the young one's throat. Then it was rinse, repeat: one of the adults (not sure which) caught another fish, worked it for a while, then swallowed it.

Loon families demand (and command) a large solo territory -- there's usually one family per lake. They don't appear to mind kayakers, though. We've been lucky to share the lake with this family.


Update, 8/19: a slightly better look at the loons. 

Where is Harold Pollack when you need him?

Update 2, 8/19: when you pause the kayak for video, the horseflies bite.

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