Friday, June 11, 2021

How do you spell "affordable care"? ARP!

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 I have an article up at that surveys how the American Rescue Plan changed ACA subsidies, the significant impact on enrollment so far, and ways to build on this progress by smoothing the enrollment process.

With regard to the subsidy boosts, a lot of holes have been plugged:

How affordable is affordable? According to KFF, 6 million uninsured people are eligible for free plans. It’s true that for most of these (4.7 million), the free plan would be Bronze, with deductibles averaging in the $7,000 range. But for many of those eligible for free Bronze plans, Silver – and in some cases Gold plans – are available at very low cost or even no cost at all.

For solo enrollees in the 150-200% FPL income range (topping out at $25,520), benchmark Silver (with strong CSR)  can’t cost more than $43 per month. In many cases, the cheapest Silver plan costs considerably less than the benchmark.

And in about 20% of all U.S. counties, the cheapest Gold plan is cheaper than the cheapest Silver. That’s a valuable discount at incomes above 200% FPL, where CSR, which attaches only to Silver plans, is weak (in the 200-250% FPL income range) or not available (at incomes above 250% FPL).

Hope you'll read the whole thing.

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