Friday, April 30, 2021

"How stupid is American healthcare?"

Somehow I took this from Adrianna McIntyre as an irresistible challenge:

And so...

Let Me Count the Ways

How stupid is American healthcare? 

Let me count the ways. It’s stupid in how

Each payer pays, blessedly unaware

Of what competitors are paying now.

It’s stupid in financing: private equitors

Roll up practices, pursuing ROI --

For patients’ health the cruelest of non sequiturs --

As millions declare bankruptcy, or die.

It’s stupid too in how we pay for drugs:

Sellers, again, divide and conquer payers,

With Medicare left powerless, while Congress shrugs,

And patients are consigned to thoughts and prayers.

Behold, America, oligarchy’s wages:

A system to be mocked in future ages.

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