Monday, March 21, 2016

Electoral epigrams, 2015-2016 (GOP edition)

One per candidate:

Walker faced down a recall crisis
which voters declined to equate with ISIS.

Bush was judged dull, to his mishap:
He needed a bigger dose of clap.

Carly endured a diss from the Trumpster
which saved her, for three months, from the dumpster.

Carson's one beef with torture as we know it:
The Bushies were stupid enough to show it.

Rubio's gone, but he gave us "dispel with" -
the malaprop he'll be going to hell with.

Cruz embraced torture and carpet bombing,
which Trump-rattled neocons found quite calming.

Five-dollar wine in a fifty-dollar bottle:
That's Trump's entire business model.

GOP choices: nominate Kasich
or go with a lunatic and stay sick.

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