Sunday, February 07, 2016

Rubio on Obama vs. Obama on Reagan

Greg Dworkin, who does the Daily Kos Daily Pundit Roundup, was kind enough to storify a tweetstorm of mine beginning like this:

The rest is here.  It was inspired by David Frum's sequence on Rubio's meltdown in last night's debate, which flowed from his 'give the devil his due" riff on Obama. Frum has been a trenchant critic of GOP dysfunction since at least 2008. His ebook on the 2012 election is worth a read.

...and perhaps I missed the broader point, which is that Rubio's "cartoon villain" riff on Obama is steeped in right-wing conspiracy narratives to the effect that Obama is executing a malign conspiracy to snatch America's wealth from the white folks who built it. Paul Waldman has the lowdown.

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