Tuesday, July 29, 2014

If I forget thee, O Buffalo

But how could we, when there's the Garden Walk to draw us back every year? Pro tip: the city of legendary winters has delightful summers.  And gardening fever spreads block by block, year by year. Now there's almost 400 gardens to tour ( here's a few of them). No competition, and no admission fee, though donations are solicited.

Some years ago, the city got itself designated an "All America City" -- a tagline that strikes me as rather fatuous. I have a belated alternative: Bee Balm City.
As an added bonus, Buffalo has reclaimed a bit more of its ole industrial waterfront with a beautiful outer harbor park:

 -- and a bike trail that now runs miles along Lake Erie.

This year's Garden Walk album (with a few more outer harbor pics at end) is here (ICYMI above). Past effusions here. Atlantic ode here.


  1. Andrew - you got SO close to my garden, but according to your photos never quite got to mine. The photo album has great photos! I'm sharing the link on the Garden Walk Facebook page later today. And one slight correction, "...the city had a tagline contest and came up with the rather fatuous All America City." - It was not a tagline competition - it's a national organization that makes cities vie for the designation through an application process (and associated fees!). Either way, I like "Bee Balm City" better.

    1. Thanks, Jim. I should have got in touch with you - maybe next year. Maybe too I saw your garden and even photographed it -- in album, I tried to reduce repetition from past years. Re All-America, will correct.