Saturday, August 25, 2012

What the battle for the undecideds boils down to

Canvassing for Obama on the suburban fringe of Allentown, PA today, I had two unusually long conversations with undecideds. Both were mistrustful of Romney. Both, however, felt that Obama had ballooned the debt and showered too much largess on the poor -- food stamps, Medicaid, welfare.

Just now, starting out for a walk, I had a thought that stopped me in my tracks and sent me back to the computer. It's really simple. Many undecideds are caught between a feeling that Romney will feed their lunch to the rich -- and that Obama will feed it to the poor. They're not sure which is worse.

Update, 8/30: Ron Fournier at National Journal probes the evidence that Romney is playing the race card and that it's working among working class whites.

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  1. Unfortunately, MANY people do not know the facts. They do not "self-educate" on what the facts are. The go by clips, sound bites, and the news that does not call out misinformation.

    The facts show, if researched and "searched" for, that Obama has a plan for the US, as a whole. Romney has lied about "welfare", Medicare and "Obamacare", and people have not "searched" for the truth. So they remain "confused".

    To cut programs that help the middle calls, those in need, students, medicare/Obamacare, to subsidize trillions in tax cuts for those that do not need the above, is an unbelievable way for someone to think the US needs to be run.

    Get the facts, people. Get the facts, and the answer is quite clear.

  2. One would always have to take the side of the needy , rather than the side of the greedy!

  3. Ask them if they or any member of their family has ever been poor and needed help.

  4. But they think the greedy are worthy, and the poor are low-lifes -- so they choose the greedy.

    Even when they themselves need assistance, they are frequently deeply ashamed.

  5. If the undecided were altruistic, they would vote for the needy. But even if they were serving their own self-interest, it behooves them to vote to help the needy because that will stimulate the economy. The rich have the money and are hording it and the jobs they could create. Feeding them more will only help them.