Sunday, May 20, 2012

About that NRO correction

On Friday, NRO's Katrina Trinko posted a correction retracting an inflammatory accusation against Elizabeth Warren:
I took down my earlier post on Elizabeth Warren plagiarizing from the book Getting On the Money Track.  On, the Warren book All Your Worth is listed as having been published January 9, 2006. As it turns out, that is the paperback publication date; the hardback book was published in March 2005. As such, it appears that Getting on the Money Track (published in October 2005) plagiarized from All Your Worth, not the other way around.

I apologize for the error.
"Listed as having been published," eh?  I posted a comment on Trinko's correction on Friday evening which is either "awaiting moderation" or was moderated out (four or five other comments have since been published).  Here it is:

This correction implies that Amazon misleads re publication date. In fact if you google All Your Worth, the first search result links to the hardcover on Amazon, with the earlier publication date. The paperback listing is clearly marked as such, and paperbacks are almost always published later.  It would be accurate to say, "On, [the paperback version] of the Warren book All Your Worth is listed as having been published January 9, 2006."
Implicitly blaming Amazon for her own error makes Trinko's 'correction' come off a bit grudging, no? 

I don't want to jump to conclusions about NRO not publishing my comment. Maybe their 'moderation' goes slowly on weekends (though "moderation" and "NRO" do seem to sit oddly in the same sentence).  We'll see.

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  1. If you go to the Copyright Patent Office and you will see that both are created in 2004, and that the editor of the other book is a 'friend' on facebook of Elizabeth Warren. It is unclear who wrote the original material. Will wait to see if I am put in moderation.