Monday, July 11, 2011

Hillary Rodham Pawlenty

Jonathan Chait has been arguing that Michele Bachmann is positioned something like Obama in 2007: she does best among those voters "most attuned to the campaign."

If Bachmann is Obama, Tim Pawlenty seems to be lining up for the role of Hillary Clinton:

'I like Congresswoman Bachmann. I've campaigned for her, I respect her, but her record of accomplishment in Congress is nonexistent.  It's nonexistent. And so we're not looking for folks who, you know, just  have speech capabilities, we're looking for people who can lead a large  enterprise in a public setting and drive it to conclusion. I've done that,  she hasn't.'
Hitting Obama for being merely a silver tongue with a thin legislative record and no executive experience worked great for Hillary, didn't it?

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  1. I've said this over and over, but: Tim Pawlenty is not ready for prime time.

    He's trailing Obama in his OWN state for chrissakes!!!

    It appears that he, like Palin, has been built up by the media without actually producing tangible results. He's never led or came even close in the polling so far.

    In reality, based on current showing, your analogy should be to Hillary Rodham Romney.

    Pawlenty would be some of the also-rans during the 2008 primary season. Perhaps Chris Dodd? Bill Richardson?