Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gone candystripin'

Once again trailing my (mid)wife on a medical mission, I'll be mainly out of blogging range until Monday. Very glad to see today, though, that Grover Norquist has blown a multi-trillion dollar loophole in his ridiculous and destructive no-new-taxes pledge, signed by over 90% of GOP Senators and MCs. Kudos to Chambliss and Coburn for softening him over the past few months with multiple challenges (per links below) to the ridiculous premise that every closed-out targeted tax break must be offset with an equal tax cut. 

Some Norquist chronicles:
Could ending the AMT square the circle?
Back to the future: Norquist's extortion
A GOP oath best kept in the breaking?
Coburn: ending the ethanol subsidy is (half?) a tax cut
Did Tom Coburn just quadruple the debt ceiling ransom?
Writhing out of Norquist's embrace, Part IV
Forget Ryan - watch Coburn and Chambliss
Writhing out of Norquist's embrace, Part III
Chambliss Seizes the freedom to acknowledge that 2+2=4
Chambliss, Coburn, Crapo to Norquist: Kowtow or brush-off?

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