Friday, May 13, 2011

I have lost two pearls of price

Dear reader, in case you haven't picked up the news somewhere, Blogger just came off a 24-hour shutdown, and yesterday's posts have been wiped out. I can confidently state that the world will be a poorer place for want of the two fine posts vaporized from xpostfactoid; if they're not restored within a couple of days I may even exercise myself to reconstruct one of them, an ur-version of which survives in a note to James Fallows (hint: regarding China, I think that the world may react more to what Jeffrey Goldberg said Hillary Clinton said than to what Hillary Clinton said). The second lost post contains the whole of my oeuvre as a grammar scold -- perhaps, on second thought, it's better off permanently stuck in the aether.

This incident has given me and probably thousands of other bloggers a terrifying glimpse of the abyss: suppose one fine day all our posts disappear, instead of outliving the human race as they otherwise seemed destined to do?

UPDATE, 30 seconds later: just as I hit "send," a terrible repressed memory surfaced: I had one post scheduled yesterday that never ran. My traumatized psyche can't even remember what it was...

UPDATE 2: Miracle of miracles, I have that vaporized scheduled post saved as a plain-text email, because Blogger was having lesser problems earlier in the day and the "publish" button failed several times. I will reconstruct and publish shortly. 

1 comment:

  1. All I could say was "Dam you BLOGGER!"

    I've plans on moving from the Blogger platform to a hosted server, sitting on the back burner. I may have to turn the heat up a bit.

    Semper Fi. Keep on keeping in.