Thursday, February 10, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes (sort of)

Apropos of nothing except a stray memory, a bit of doggerel based on a conversation between my wife and son about a quarter century ago (fused with a misperception of my sister's, about a half century ago):

Human Beans

"Before I was born, what did I do?"
"It's hard to say--you weren't yet you."
"Where did I wait? Did I stand or sit?"
"Don't know. You weren't anywhere yet."
"Well then, where did I come from?"
"You grew from a seed. Inside Mommy's tum."
"Inside Mommy?  What did I do?"
"Just rested and waited. And grew and grew."
"Grew? Like the bean plant out of the bean?"
            --"And so I'm a human bean?"
--"And you were a seed that grew?
"I was. And everyone else was, too."
"And when you die, are you planted--like new?"
"Maybe. I think so."
--"I think so, too."

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