Thursday, February 03, 2011

On Fallows' field

Here's the guestpostfactoid harvest of  posts on James Fallows' blog thus far this week, most recent first:

Chastened by history? (2/4)

By Jingo, Obama was not fear-mongering in the SOTU (2/3)

Futurist shock (2/2)

JFK's bridge to the 21st century (2/1)

Darkness in Kennedy's noontide vision

Also in Fallows' space this week, see Xujun Eberlein on a quest to sort truth from the state-sponsored mythology she grew up with during the Cultural Revolution regarding the degree of U.S. involvement  with Chinese nationalist battles and alleged war crimes against the Chinese communists in the 1940s; Bruce J. Holmes on aeronautical challenges from Sputnik to the current alleged "Sputnik moment"; and Chuck Spinney on systemic U.S. follies in defense spending and foreign policy.

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  1. Schuma's article, referenced in 'Chastened....' was indeed interesting. So far I'd say though that the, presumably in your view?, pessimistic British opted to send 'too many legions into the German forest' compared to what the U.S. has opted to do. Kissinger was correct. The U.S. didn't get where it is by deliberately challenging strong powers and doesn't/ shouldn't intend to.