Monday, August 31, 2009

The ninth circle of hell is reserved for theocrats

The Times lede blog relays allegations of unfathomable theocratic depravity from an essay by Iranian feminist lawyer and journalist Shadi Sadr:
Published reports are available about these types of torture committed against women political prisoners after the 1979 Revolution. The most systematic type of reported rape has been the rape of virgin girls who were sentenced to death by execution because of political reasons. They were raped on the night before execution. These reports have been substantiated by frequent statements from the relatives of women political prisoners. On the day after the execution, authorities returned their daughter’s dead body to them along with a sum considered to be the alimony. Reports state that in order to lose their virginity, girls were forced to enter into a temporary marriage with men who were in charge of their prison. Otherwise it was feared that the executed prisoner would go to heaven because she was a virgin!
Beyond the sexually charged sadism, I would have thought the world's major religions united in agreement that acting with intent to deprive any human soul of heaven would by definition damn the perpetrator. But that's misspoken -- there's nothing 'beyond' such sadism...the sexual aggression in this act is so intense that it makes a mockery of any alleged theological intent.

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