Thursday, April 17, 2008

Danny Evans of Dormont, PA nails the debate

A contributor to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's reader forum on the Disgraceful Debate captures my own sentiments perfectly:
That was no debate--it was a rerun of Access Hollywood. If we Pennsylvanians should be bitter about anything, it's that our state debate was turned into a sort of media carnival, rather than dealing with the real issues facing our region, and the American people.

Still, if I had to find a silver lining? I admired the restraint Obama showed in NOT diving headlong into the fray. Though it did seem to frustrate him that over half the debate had nothing to do with substance, he held his tongue in check, defended his opponent on one occasion, and even said "she could win" without so much as batting an eye.

Hillary seemed to enjoy wallowing in ABC's mud just a little too much for my tastes. Especially since she still hasn't given a straight answer on her Bosnia lie, or how she can reconcile taking 800 thousand dollars from the Columbian government while campaigning AGAINST the Columbian Free Trade Agreement. All in all, I saw in Barack Obama a frustrated (yet honest) commitment to trying to stay away from the political pie-slicing that has paralyzed our country and silenced OUR voices for far too long, now.

As bad as it was to watch, what we did see (pay attention PA) is that we, as voters, need to seek out as much information as we can, not just what the networks and cable shows think we want to hear. Barack Obama didn't have his best night, yet carried himself with grace and dignity in the face of farce. That's my kind of President. Because NOT wallowing, NOT changing, means he really does stand for HOPE in ways we've not seen in a long, long time.

Danny Evans, Dormont

Danny Evans, across the Internet I shake your hand. This morning, I read with amazement various accounts claiming that in the choreographed mud-wrestle of the first 40 minutes, Obama was "on the defensive" and "tentative." I thought that while Hillary took her cues for attack like one of Pavlov's dogs, Obama, as he has again and again in this campaign, exuded magnanimity and...what Danny said. When the debate moved on to policy matters after a mere 40 minutes of pseudoscandal, Obama was not sharp. But who would be after scraping off all that shit?


  1. Having never bothered to follow election politics, I am appalled by the pettiness of the pundits and journalist we look up to for some sense in understanding "issues". I had never heard of Prof Ayers and will not be checking him out- but if we are so concerned of his association with Obama (an eminent constitutional law professor - a training that grounds to deal with anyone and everyone equally under the law)- why would we let him teach, guide and mentor our 18yr olds with impressionable minds. Anyone including all bigots - can subscribe to any candidates ideas, that doesn't mean the candidates ascribe to their supporters ideas. This process has proved we must cut off the middlemen, and listen to the candidates directly. My bitterness is the depth of my previous ignorance and believe in our media as a guide to anything important

  2. I remembered one of the questions from last night of Sen. Obama:

    " you believe in the American flag?"

    I've never wanted to burn an American flag so much. This is where we're at now. Because patriotism has become the McCarthyism of the day. Are you now and were you ever a member of the communist party? Do you renounce Satan and all the spiritual forces of wickedness that rebel against God? And, it's not even like Sen. Obama made a Sen. Karry-like indictment of the country. No - it's guilt by association and the lack of a flag pin that has caused this insanity. Yes, he is on the verge of being convicted of a lack of patriotism. I and others thought, and perhaps still think, that 2008 would be the end of Morris-Rove politics and the rise of politics of honesty. Not nicey nice politics, but politics that doesn't use gays as a spector or a middle name as a defamer. But, I'm afraid that we're stuck with "do you believe in the flag?"

  3. well said. I couldn't agree more... a handshake across the Internet to you as well. Unless we all start holding the media to a higher standard, all we can hope for from the national discourse is more drivel. We are better than that.

  4. Could not have said it better myself.

  5. I hated those asinine questions that Obama was asked at the debate. George Stephanopoulas and Charles Gibson were shameless. How come nobody ever asks Hillary about not wearing the flag pin? She wears suits.
    It was sleazy and low.
    And by the way why did they just show Hillary supporters in the audience?
    This was a set-up.
    I'd say Washington and corporate America (ABC) is getting a little nervous about a real change candidate getting close to the White House. But this is a movement that can't be stopped.

  6. I agree...Obama looked like any of the rest of us would after slogging through the crap this campaign has become. He stood on his own two feet and kept his composure, but indeed was worn down by all the garbage.

    And who wouldn't be - except for the polished, calculating, robotic career politician?

    In my opinion, the debate highlighted the very reason to support Obama - he's not interested in all this mud-slinging political gossip (in fact, he's appalled by it) and is, after all, still a human being and not a lost-to-the-fray political hack.

    Obama in fact does represent life beyond Morris/Rove politics, and the debate last night proved it.

  7. In fact Obama is just like all of the regular folks, he really represents the people, let's remember that he was born by a teenage mom (she was 18 years when she got him), his father left them when he was 2, so he was raised by his grand parents and his teenage mom.

    He is really honest and respectful of everyone, he's not interested in tearing the other down, just like Clinton has been doing against him and the also the voters all along this campaign (when she says that small states don't count, as if people from those states are not democrats and as if their voices were useless...).

    When he speaks about the fact that people are bitter, it is true, people are really bitter and frustrated when they lose their jobs, their pensions and nobody among political leaders care for them, this is just the reality and what he said is just the reality, people are fed up.

    Saying the contrary, like Clinton and McCain have said is being blind and mockering the people.

    Obama is the real deal, is gonna fight for the regular folks, he's really committed to the people, the voiceless, and his own life is just a proof of that.

  8. There is maybe some ray of hope in this because a lot of commentary after the debate criticized the debat questions and questioners rather than the answers. SO maybe, just maybe we have enough people who're ready to look beyond this crap and really vote based on real issues.

    As someone who supported Hillary till her Iran vote in October, I'm saddened that two people that I admired BIll and Hillary Clinton for years and saw as flawed but well-intentioned individuals have basically bought into the caricatures that the Republican Right has been painting fo them for years. I'd have preferred to continue to differ with HIllary on issues like Iran...but the sad truth is, even if she were to change her stance about all her issues to align with mine, I could never support her again...given her despicable campaign in the last few months. She's compounded lack of hope with lack of trust...not a very winning combination for me.

  9. Yes, the debate was totally depressing. But then I wonder what comes after the general election? Let's assume (hope?) Obama wins. Will the media let him govern? Will they parse every speech and meeting and appearance? Maybe every one of Michelle Obama's too? Will there be no end to their inanity? They will let a president lie to take a country to war, authorize torture, but they won't let a presidential candidate (or maybe only this presidential candidate) wear a flagless lapel! To achieve a new kind of politics, the media needs to rediscover the basic tenets of good journalism.