Monday, April 14, 2008

Clinton campaign seeking feedback

Geoff Garin, Hillary Clinton's new chief strategist, is asking those on Clinton's email list to 'send your thoughts about our campaign.' Anyone can respond here. This is a golden opportunity for those who believe that Hillary is undermining the best Democratic opportunity in decades to build a working majority to tell the campaign what we think.

Nothing short of a resounding primary defeat in a major state in which she's strongly positioned is going to make Clinton drop out. But a few hundred thousand emails from committed Democrats letting the campaign know the extent to which her tactics are disaffecting large swaths of the party base and destroying her own standing might might inhibit the earth-scorching a bit.

A sample response:

To: Geoff Garin
From: A former Hillary supporter:

Since late March, Hillary Clinton's role in advancing the Democratic agenda has been entirely negative. She has been relentlessly undermining the likely nominee, violating Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment and shredding her own credibility in the process. Her relentless flattery of McCain, her baseless claims to have crossed some mythical commander-in-chief threshold and her desperate willingness to seize on any minor gaffe of Obama's disqualify her to be the party's nominee.

If Ms. Clinton continues working to undermine Obama's core credibility as a candidate, she will permanently destroy her own standing and leadership stature within the party.

1 comment:

  1. Initially, I was a firm Clinton supporter -- but the negativity is wearing. Three ideas:

    - Go for the I can lead the country best over the next four years - I can get the economy on track, reestablish ties with the rest of the world -- and focus on our key priorities

    - I will work hard to build a solid coalition that includes both the ardent supporters of Senator Obama, the Independents and my base -- I will fight hard for America's future

    - I will work hard to be nominated, elected and to do my best over the next four years -- and then I will turn the reins over to the next president

    I realize that if either of us gets nominated there is too great a chance that we will not pull together -- while I have the best chance to be elected and to do the job well, I also recognize I need to make some compromises -- so I commit to only serving one term

    Thereby allowing others to run for and hopefully become president in 2012 -- this unprecedented move focuses on what is best for America -- a strong president now, who can unite the country, gain the necessary support of others, and who will make the appropriate compromises

    This may sound crazy, but it might resonate with others and even open the door to a Clinton-Obama ticket -- that could only be possible if there was a clear path to the Presidency for Senator Obama within 4 years -- a real win-win