Thursday, January 17, 2008

You run in poetry....

Since Andrew Sullivan has opened season on electoral op-verse, here goes: three once- and one future- (?) presidents basking in the endless summer of lyric immortality...

Bye, George (1993)

"Read my lips - no new taxes"
worked better in theory than in praxis.

Relic (1997)

Don't call it a mess
on Monica's dress,
that site of encounters ethereal.
Transformed at a touch
(with a gasp and a clutch)
into true Presidential material.

Responsible Partyboy (2002)

As a deeply moral man
of inherent nobility,
I'm calling for corporate
It works for me.
Each day I bless
corporate responsibility
for my success.

Let's Hope it Doesn't Come to This (2009)

There once was a President, Clinton,
who won her election by hintin'
her Rival Obama
had rich psychodrama
in his heart of darkness a glintin'.

c. Asp of Xpostfactoid

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