Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hillary bankrupt on bankruptcy?

Live-blogging Nevada Dem debate, 1/15:

After each oozes sympathy for families at risk of foreclosure, Russert challenges Hillary and Edwards on their support for the harsh 2001 bankruptcy bill. Wide opening for Obama -- the only one to oppose 01 and 05 bills. But he keeps the gloves on. He doesn't hit Hillary on judgment for being for 01 bill before she was against it (voted for it, happy that it didn't pass). I'll say it for him: judgment again, consistency again.

Broadly, this has been a lovefest - subtext of penance for the dirt of the last two weeks. Broad agreement on Iraq. Hillary points out that Republican candidates are all on Bush's wavelength, warming up to decades-long occupation.

Hillary panders on sovereign funds' bailouts of U.S. banks: she's going to make World Bank and IMF set rules for them? By what authority? It's their money, isn't it?

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