Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Glory hallelujah, for a moment

 Last night I had what is for me a very rare thing -- a dream filled with joy. As always, it's hard to distinguish the dream itself from the interpretive memory of it immediately after -- and possibly later, too. But as best as I can manage...

I was lying flat on my back under the sky, possibly in a trench, as I had been reading a few pages about World War I in Brad DeLong's Slouching Toward Bethlehem before bed. I had a strong feeling of relief and release. We -- I and my family, or community, or possibly nation -- were safe and free. We had prevailed in some life-threatening struggle.

The sky was full of stars.  I thought of singing, but for some reason it seemed more appropriate, or feasible, to write across the sky, and I could do this with my finger, as you do on credit card touchpads. I was about to write, or maybe did write, Glory, or Gloria -- maybe Glory Hallelujah, or Gloria in excelsis deo (I seem to have been mulling this as I woke). I thought I would get something going among those around me, a kind of chorus of joy. Not sure whether I did get it started.

There may have been some undertone in this of the election -- fending off rising Republican fascism -- or of the Ukraine war. Maybe I injected those associations later. In any case, I relate it in case there was some intuitive hope that might be shared, as I imagined the "gloria' chorus might be.

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