Saturday, October 19, 2019

Rule of law, for now

It is contingently heartening that Trump administration's most egregious and damaging attempts to restrict government-supported access to healthcare for immigrants and low income people have so far been slapped down by the courts.  That is, Medicaid work requirements in Kentucky and Arkansas, and the public charge rule, stayed nationally for now.

The counterpoints are many: these stays were all imposed by Clinton and Obama appointees; the Supreme Court could overturn all; the stayed public charge rule is still having a chilling effect, inducing immigrants to forgo vital services for their children as well as themselves; and an ideologically blinkered 5th Circuit may be on the brink of striking down or impairing the ACA - in which case its fate may depend on aged liberal justices surviving through next June.  Our institutional resilience is the sound of one hand clapping.

I have a post in progress for to this effect -- this one's a placeholder.  [update, 10/22: here it is].

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