Friday, March 31, 2017

Affordable Care Anthem

In the fight against ACA repeal, the healthcare committee of our local advocacy group, BlueWaveNJ, cooked up some songs to warm the rallies and vigils aimed at the state's five Republican members of Congress -- four of whom came out against the AHCA, Ryan's repeal bill. Here's one of my contributions, with some local references -- e.g. to Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, NJ-11, chair of the House Appropriations Committee.  Here's a snippet from the local NBC affiliate that includes us singing outside his office.

The tune is This Land is Your Land....

After an election
we got a health scare:
Extremists tried to
take away our healthcare.
But we're united,
and they're divided...
Healthcare's a right for you and me.


Healthcare is your right,
healthcare is my right,
Ii they try to take it,
we're gonna fight fight.
Tax breaks for the wealthy
won't make us healthy,
Healthcare's a right for you and me.

Uninsuring millions                                De-localized alt:
is a pill quite poison,                              should be rejected
so hear our voices,                                by those who hope to
Rep Frelinghuysen!                               be re-elected.
We sing in chorus:
Don't un-insure us...
Healthcare's a right for you and me.


The Medicaid expansion
has been a bounty
to every single
New Jersey county.
We say, Chris Christie,
we sure have missed thee --
Defend healthcare for you and me...


State flexibility!
That's how they bill it.
Truth: First they'll cap it
and then they'll kill it...
That's Medicaid, Dear:,
come to its aid, Dear...
Healthcare's a right for you and me.

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