Thursday, February 23, 2017

Triage, Sister Simone, triage

In a q-and-a session at Health Action 2017 last week, I suggested that Democrats might be savvy to engage with the Cassidy-Collins ACE "replacement" bill, which merely breaks the ACA's fingers rather than disemboweling it. When incoming Families USA exec director Frederick Isasi implied that this could potentially make sense, Sister Simone Campbell, a heroine of ACA passage and defense, rebuked him (and so, by proxy, me):
I have to confess, Frederick, after that great presentation I wanted to … say don’t you dare engage Collins-Cassidy because it’s based on Health Savings Accounts, and only 30 percent of our nation’s families have any savings. So let’s be real.
I don't like HSAs any more than Sister Simone does, but... I have a response up on

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