Monday, January 30, 2017

In a fraudster's grip

This is just to note that today Paul Krugman caught the essence of the Trump presidency in 80 words:
Our government hasn’t always done the right thing. But it has kept its promises, to nations and individuals alike.

Now all of that is in question. Everyone, from small nations who thought they were protected against Russian aggression, to Mexican entrepreneurs who thought they had guaranteed access to our markets, to Iraqi interpreters who thought their service with the U.S. meant an assurance of sanctuary, now has to wonder whether they’ll be treated like stiffed contractors at a Trump hotel.
Anyone over the age of five, regardless of political propensity or education level, should have been able to see that this is what Trump would deliver. Those who couldn't see it, driven by whatever passion or need, willfully shut their ears and eyes. His depravity was as manifest as Hitler's. Whether his will to evil is as intense, we'll learn.

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