Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Up and coming

I have a post up at that's frankly a more streamlined version of a prior post here -- comparing the average total value of government subsidies for health insurance in Medicare, the ACA and Tom Price's ACA replacement bill. I'm sure Price would be tickled pink by my conclusion:
In fact, the Price subsidy could be a welcome addition to the ACA if it were grafted onto the current subsidy structure as a kind of alternative minimum subsidy, available perhaps to shoppers with incomes up to, say, 600 percent FPL
 And coming soon (from me)  at a sidelight on Kaiser's finding that thanks to pre-existing conditions, 27% of Americans would likely be denied coverage in the individual market under pre-ACA rules. Hint: the states with the highest percentages of residents with  "declinable pre-existing conditions" are also the states with the lowest median family income -- and so with the most heavily subsidized ACA beneficiaries.  

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