Monday, December 14, 2015

About that deadline, really, really wants the uninsured to get covered by Jan. 1. Hence these daily emails:

I get the message (daily). But really, shouldn't the exchange be disclosing that open season extends to Jan. 31?  Understanding that HHS doesn't want anyone to go uncovered any longer than necessary, and that they don't want to complicate an urgent appeal, wouldn't a little small-type or light-type explanation be in order?  Something like what Cost-Sharing Reduction gets in the Plan Preview app before shoppers are sent to plan listings (see the bottom half of the screen below):

Speaking of the Plan Preview: It's disappeared from sight! In their ardor to get people signed up, folk have taken it off the home page (at least, in my location, on my browser). It took me five minutes to find it.  Last year, too, it got progressively buried as open season wore on.  To date, about a third of visitors have used it; look for that percentage to diminish as open season progresses.

I really don't get HHS's marketing strategy (I promise not to perseverate on the "most people can find premiums for $75 or less" messaging above). But then, I don't have an army of data scientists to back my intuitions.

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