Tuesday, July 02, 2013

For Egypt, a warning from Aesop

Not to pretend to any expertise about Egypt, but as soon as I read about the military's ultimatum to Morsi, this fable of Aesop's came to mind:
There was once a Horse who used to graze in a meadow which he had all to himself. But one day a Stag came into the meadow, and said he had as good a right to feed there as the Horse, and moreover chose all the best places for himself. The Horse, wishing to be revenged upon his unwelcome visitor, went to a man and asked if he would help him to turn out the Stag. "Yes," said the man, "I will by all means; but I can only do so if you let me put a bridle in your mouth and mount on your back." The Horse agreed to this, and the two together very soon turned the Stag out of the pasture: but when that was done, the Horse found to his dismay that in the man he had got a master for good.
Until Mubarak's deposing, Egypt had been under military rule since 1952.  Do Egyptians really want to toss out their first elected leader, in power for just a year, and take the bit again?

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