Monday, February 11, 2013


Phil Bronstein debriefed the Navy SEAL who shot bin Laden at length. Part of the anonymous shooter's narrative:
The group discussed what would happen if they were surrounded by Pakistani troops. We would surrender. The original plan was to have Vice-President Biden fly to Islamabad and negotiate our release with Pakistan's president.

This is hearsay, but I understand Obama said, Hell no. My guys are not surrendering. What do we need to rain hell on the Pakistani military? That was the one time in my life I was thinking, I am fucking voting for this guy. I had a picture of him lying in bed at night, thinking, You're not fucking with my guys. Like, he's thinking about us.

We got word that we'd be scrambling jets on the border to back us up.
Well yes, hearsay. But was Obama really ready to start lethal firefight with Pakistan after invading its airspace and landing a combat team unannounced, thereby, at a minimum, completely destroying the chance of even a minimal level of cooperation with regard to Afghanistan or terrorist and Taliban safe havens in Pakistan's tribal regions?

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