Monday, February 27, 2012

Calling Larry David

Our blind, arthritic dog has congestive heart failure, which has been nicely stabilized by a cocktail of six drugs. One of them is Viagra (which is quite expensive). This strikes me as great sticom material. Can you imagine George Costanza in sniffing distance of such a prescription?  Either he'd be downing the dog's meds, or he'd be scheming to get a prescription on his or his friends' healthcare plans (with Kramer starting a little pet supply business), or various women would draw the wrong or impression,  or the dog would get very friendly with Elaine...

From another corner: would someone tell Rick Santorum that my dog is on Viagra?  Also, I'm planning to marry him. (I'm already married, but you know us eastern secular liberals.)

Meanwhile, I'm glad that our dog has stopped coughing and can move around as much as his near-immobile back legs will allow.

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