Friday, October 01, 2010

Off to Haiti

for a week with my (mid)wife, back on Oct. 9. Thanks, house- and dogsitters, but there's no blogsitter! (Though feel free, Ben!)  This may be the longest blog break ever -- though maybe not, as the Blackberry should work. We'll see...


  1. No, Blackberry doesn't work! =)

  2. Bobbi, my Blackberry did work. I was due for an upgrade and got a "Bold," the current model enabled for GSM. Verizon could not tell me for sure whether it would work in Hinche, but I matched a coverage map w/ a map of Haiti, and it seemed that Hinche was in range, and so it proved.

    The "Bold" has a poor viewing screen, though - lots of web content is too small to read and has to be magnified. I plan to reactivate my old BB here in the States and save the Bold for overseas.