Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pelosi prophecies

Under the subject line "my prediction," here's the lede in Nancy Pelosi's fundraising email, sent this morning  (hat tip Marc Ambinder):

Here is what will happen in November. Democrats will keep control of the House. Period.

I realize that advertising is advertising, and fundraising is fundraising, and politics is politics, and politics is fundraising, and fundraising is advertising. Also, per Ambinder, that Pelosi is directly countering Gibbs' admission that the Democrats could lose the House.

Still, as Karen Tumulty pointed out back on Feb. 28 when health care reform was still being pronounced dead by many, "After what she managed to get her caucus to do last year, I would never, ever bet against the Speaker on a vote. And she is looking pretty determined on this one."
Yes, whipping votes in the House is different from corralling a national electorate. But when Nancy Pelosi issues a future-tense declarative, my mood lifts a bit nonetheless. 

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