Friday, April 02, 2010

Morning in America

Okay, this is a foolish exercise -- capturing some fleeting, flickering hints of good news in the wake of the great health care catharsis.  But on a bright sunny April morning, why not savor a composite screenshot of a world in some senses on the mend:


A1 Factories Revive Economy
The manufacturing sector geared up production across the globe in March, fueling optimism that the economic recovery has legs.

China Visit Suggests Thaw Over Iran, Yuan
China announced that President Hu Jintao will visit the U.S. to discuss nuclear security, pointing to a potential thaw in one of the worst stretches of U.S.-China relations in recent memory.
Factory Data Put Dow Run At 5 Weeks
Stocks began the second quarter on a high note, helped by new data showing that the economies of the U.S., Europe, and China are improving.

  • Instant view: March job growth strongest in 3 years

  • Obama, Medvedev to sign landmark nuclear arms pact

  • Index futures rise after March jobs data

  • Obama urges China's Hu to get behind Iran push

  •  As for some of those state wards (WSJ):

    Citigroup's Primerica IPO Soars 31% 

    GM's March Sales in China Cement Top Status

    Benmosche Upbeat on AIG Prospects

    It's doubtless extending the selection bias sin to see an Obama effect in this momentary alignment. And meanwhile, Karzai is going rogue, Iraq is in parlous post-election stasis, sanctions will probably have no effect on Iran's nuclear program, the administration remains in a standoff with Netanyahu. But it's fair to say that presidential patience -- and last year's swift action to stave off a Depression -- are paying off on several fronts.


    1. Don't forget
      * the profit made on Citi and the like for TARP.
      * recent elections in Iraq.
      * and that whole HCR thing. :)

    2. That reads as a Bizzaro Drudge Report.