Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stupak coalition crack?

Rep. Dale Kildee (D-MI), a key Stupak ally, has stated the obvious: the abortion language in the Senate bill is restrictive enough for any sane pro-lifer (e.g., American nuns), so he will vote for the HCR bill.
For those who know me, I have always respected and cherished the sanctity of human life. I spent six years studying to be a priest and was willing to devote my life to God. I came to Congress two years after the Hyde amendment became law. And I have spent the last 34 years casting votes to protect the lives of the unborn. I have stood up to many in my party to defend the right to life and have made no apologies for doing so. I now find myself disagreeing with some of the people and groups I have spent a lifetime working with. I have listened carefully to both sides, sought counsel from my priest, advice from family, friends and constituents, and I have read the Senate abortion language more than a dozen times.

He added, “I am convinced that the Senate language maintains the Hyde amendment, which states that no federal money can be used for abortion.”
Per Jonathan Bernstein's note about how skillfully Kucinich has played the press in trumpeting his 'yes' vote, I'm a bit mystified why the news of Kildee's decision isn't front-of-blogosphere news.  If the bulk of the Stupak 12 break, it's game over. Kucinich is a party of one. 

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