Thursday, February 25, 2010

HCR Summit

Live Twitter responses here.  At around noon Obama took control of the conversation, spotlighting Republican resistance to minimum coverage standards and making it clear that they're hawking illusory insurance (through association plans and selling across state lines without any baseline coverage mandates) that leaves people radically undercovered.

Republicans don't want "Washington" to "define health care benefits" (Cantor,  12:40) - they want to leave us to the tender mercy of insurance companies.

Obama 12:45: "we could make food cheaper if we eliminated meat inspections." Same with drugs. "We make some decisions to protect consumers in every aspect of our lives and we have bipartisan support for doing it. We don't want a situation in which people think they're getting one thing and they're guys believe in some regulations."  He is getting the clips he needs just as in the House Republican retreat.

Earlier, he suggested that members of Congress would not be very happy with the kinds of high-deductible and lightly regulated plans Republicans want to promote.

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