Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quell Pascrell, who'd kill the bill

On Monday, I was dismayed to learn that my own Congressman in New Jersey's 8th District, Rep. Bill Pascrell, is leading a posse of House Democrats who want to kill the effort to pass comprehensive healthcare reform.

On South Orange Patch, a local news website, I've asked my neighbors to send Pascrell a message -- fast.

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  1. So let me see if I understand: Obama and Congressional Democrats sweep their 2008 election; Republicans collectively stomp their feet, yell about "death panels", assert the President isn't a citizen and generally shout No, No, No. And this strategy apparently works as Republicans are elected in NJ, VA and MA. But now that these three Republicans have been elected, Democrats like Pascrell decide to kneel graciously and turn over the keys to their still existent majorities? If Republicans behave as if elections don't matter, and are rewarded by the electorate (and by the CNNMSNBCFOX "news" crowd), isn't the lesson Democrats should take from the VA, NJ and MA elections that these elections don't matter as well?

    And yes if Pascrell is "tired" he should consider "retirement" or have the voters determine it for him.