Sunday, December 20, 2009


Wrapping up a week of guest-blogging at Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish.  Below, the week's posts.

Good night, Dish
If you mourn the public option
No death panels
Quote of the day, II

Who says the HCR bill is a gift to insurers?
On good followership
Swallowing the spider to catch the fly in Afhganistan, cont.
A word packed with blowback

Brain Drain to the City of London, Circa 1988
Counterfactual: The tough-love bank bailout of 2008-2009
"Like children playing at sexual intercourse..."
The view from Pakistan, cont.

Neglect, not malfeasance
Did the U.S. "abandon" Afghanistan in 1989?
The best health care in the world, cont.

The U.K.comes a cropper
The view from Pakistan: What Taliban?
The Afghan surge was a course correction
Netanyahu ready to deal?
Gentle mullahs transformed

Denigration by punctuation
Not Vietnam. Not Vietnam. Not...not Vietnam?
Palin-Lieberman in '12
Elizabeth Warren: Take the banks off training wheels

Buffalo Dreamin'
Swallowing the spider to catch the fly in Afghanistan
Good cop/bad cop in Pakistan
Lieberman sticks the shiv in

A poem for Sunday
Waving the flaming photo in Iran
Universal illusory insurance?
AfPak triptych
First Dish

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