Monday, July 20, 2009

Buffalo, go "double green" on July 25!

An open letter to Buffalo, NY:

While Buffalo celebrates its profusion of green thumbs in its amazing annual Garden Walk on July 25, the world will be breaking out in a different kind of green. Cities across the globe will stage demonstrations in support of Iran's Green movement -- the brave Iranians still challenging the apparently rigged election that returned the dangerous demagogue Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power.

As a Buffalo expatriate planning my annual Garden Walk pilgrimage, I was disappointed when I realized I would miss the opportunity to participate in the United4Iran demonstration in New York City this Saturday. Then I thought, why not invite the great gardeners of Buffalo to go "double green"?

Green ribbons, green scarves, green cloth of any kind is now recognized worldwide as a gesture of solidarity with Iran's "Green" supporters of reformist candidate Mir-Houssain Mousavi, who has not conceded the stolen election. Signs reading "Where is My Vote?" are a more direct way to express support. Perhaps the Garden Walk sidewalk signs could leaf out in this manner.

Those Garden Walkers who wish to coordinate efforts with worldwide protest planners can visit United4Iran, email, connect via Twitter at or via Facebook at

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