Saturday, June 13, 2009

Revolution from within

Mir-Houssain Mousavi, in his letter to the people of Iran calling on them not to accept the announced election results, claims authority in the name of the Revolution of 1979 and the law established by the revolutionary regime:
I advise all officials to halt this agenda at once before it is too late, return to the rule of law and protect the nation’s vote and know that deviation from law renders them illegitimate. They are aware better than anyone else that this country has been through a grand Islamic revolution and the least message of this revolution is that our nation is alert and will oppose anyone who aims to seize the power against the law.
Indeed, Mousavi's campaign has in large part been about establishing the rule of law. On April 3, a month after entering the Presidential election, he said, ""The issue of non-compliance with Iranian rules and regulations is the biggest problem that the country is currently faced with."

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