Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keep talking, Cheney

Galling in a way that coverage of Obama's major address on national security is universally yoked to the delusive self-serving bilge of the former Vice President:

Cheney Repudiates Obama on Terrorism Policy (NYT)
Obama and Cheney's remarks on terrorism (LAT)
Obama, Cheney Offer Rival Security Visions (WSJ
Spin Meter: Obama vs. Cheney (AP)
Obama, Cheney offer competing views on national security (CNN)
Compare and Contrast: Obama and Cheney's Divergent Views on National Security (FoxNews)

But then reflect: Obama's approval ratings more than triple Cheney's. Cheney's speech is full of lies, distortions and delusions that Americans have broadly rejected. And the hammering Obama's taking from civil rights activists is in some measure neutralized by this assault from the authoritarian side.

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