Sunday, March 01, 2009

Step back in that bubble, Sir

Am I wrong to get nervous when I read reports like this, about Obama's attendance of a Wizards game?
Obama was right on the floor in a corner seat that left him spending most of the game looking around the moving bodies of fans who kept walking by him for a glimpse.
It worries me that O intends to get out of the White House and mingle with people once a week. He wants reality infusions. I want him safe in that bubble.

1 comment:

  1. Let's hope he doesn't go to the theater, or he really may end up more like Lincoln than he intended...

    Then again, I like to believe the secret service isn't naive about the threats and is extra cautious. I like to think that with previous presidents, the secret service allowed some security leeway in low profile events and when there were no specific threats, but perhaps with Obama they are hunkered down and thorough with security measure 24-7.

    I'm not too worried about indoor events though. Its outdoor stuff that is scary (see the inauguration!).