Thursday, October 09, 2008

Attacking "Pahkeestan"

If the McCain camp wants to "turn the page" on the economy, how about running on an issue voters can really sink their teeth into-- like pronunciation? (Yes, right-wing bloggers have been mocking Obama for pronouncing country names correctly.) Here's a speech that's sure to turn the tide:

My fellow real Americans --
Skip! Rocky! Stan! --
My exotic opponent
speaks of "Pahkeestan."

My red-blooded running mate
rants righteously on Eye-Rack--
a malaprop proper
for a pit bull on attack.

The White House is no place
for a culturally sensitive prig
whose precious pronouncements
are lipstick on a pig.

My friends, I know how
to manfully mangle a name...
Sunni or Shiite--
in a bombsite they're all the same.

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