Sunday, September 07, 2008

Palin unprepared for questions, 2006 edition

Postponing exposure to probing questions while she bones up on campaign issues is a familiar experience for Sarah Palin.

Back on October 8 2006, four weeks before Palin was elected Governor of Alaska, an Anchorage Daily News feature called "Alaska Ear" reported:
CAN'T KNOW EVERYTHING ... Ear couldn't miss the grumbling about Sarah Palin canceling campaign appointments last week, and the explanations offered for why. Overbooked, etc. A note to the organization of Native corporation presidents, who Ear hears were quite miffed at being stood up Tuesday, has Palin campaign aide John Bitney falling on his sword for "the error of canceling this meeting."

A list of questions sent to Palin the Friday before the meeting "appeared to be very in depth issues of state, federal and tribal Indian law," John wrote. "As her issues coordinator I felt we needed more time for the complicated tribal issues if that was who the audience was to be. ... On Monday afternoon, I recommended to Sarah that we cancel the appointment since there was no way we could do justice to the serious issues raised ..."

Hopefully, there will be "further opportunities to meet with the regional corporations and open up a meaningful dialogue," said John.
"John," btw, is the childhood friend whom Sarah Palin axed abruptly in July 2007, after it emerged that he had had an affair with the wife of Todd Palin's business partner. Too bad he's not around to promise us a "meaningful dialogue" with the national media after Sarah studies up.

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