Monday, July 21, 2008

Score one for McCain

Fair is fair: a very effective formulation on McCain's part here, reacting to Obama's plan to withdraw most troops from Irq in sixteen months while adding combat brigades in Afghanistan:
But he cautioned that the improved conditions in Iraq could be “reversed very easily” and he warned against shifting resources too dramatically from Iraq to Afghanistan. “You can’t choose to lose a war in Iraq, in my view, in order to win in Afghanistan,” he said.
The runup is also well-done:

“I’m glad that Senator Obama is going to get a chance for the first time to sit down with Gen. David Petraeus and understand what the surge was all about,” Mr. McCain said on NBC, referring to the troop-increase plan last year that he strongly supported even as Mr. Obama was calling for withdrawal.

“I hope he will have a chance to admit that he badly misjudged the situation, and he was wrong when he said that the surge wouldn’t work,” Mr. McCain continued. “It has succeeded and we’re winning the war.”

Beats his tired and ill-founded charge that Obama's Iraq/Afghanistan policy is motivated by political expediency.

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